Culture Analytics

  • Culture impacts performance. Increasing complexity and dependency on people to make the right decisions at the right time increase business risk.
  • We provide a broad inside of data and analytics to help leaders and teams makemore professional decisions about their culture
  • We look at clients actual culture from a variety of angles, and segment, compare and align to understand the underlying culture  driver

 Aspired Culture Code

  • All business strive to take a position in their market. To do that effectively, they need to decide who they need to be, and what kind of culture that means.
  • We provide our clients with a culture comparison to a variety of culture codes. That way they can identify values they need to put priority to in their future culture
  • We help our clients define the aspired culture.
  • With our certified partners we design a culture journey to get them there

 Leadership Culture

  • More than 70% of leaders report a disconnect between their culture and the business strategy.* Knowing the existing leadership culture is key.
  • We provide data identifying the culture gaps from the aspired culture code so the leadership team can take more effective culture actions
  • We provide personal culture impact reports for leaders to understand their own personal values. This way they gain insight in what they can do to build the aspired culture code*Korn Ferry

 Culture driven brands

  • Brands are increasingly transparent, it is no longer possible to insist on something you are not over time.
  • Seeing the inside of a company reflecting the communicated brand will increase customer trust and strengthen the desired position
  • We reverse engineer the brand values in a company and identify the values the brand represent. Then we can help our customers see the alignment to their current brand values