Individual Survey

Culture Hacking – gathering and applying culture data for the whole organization before lunch?

Each individual completes the Culturengine survey from the comfort of their computer. The process takes about 20 minutes. Then, the results from just one individual or an entire team is automatically created into several different reports.

Values Priorities

What values impact your decisions?

Your top 10 values report will tell you exactly that, the highest values you or the team culture has. That is the core of who you are together, and impacts your actions and fills the brand with content.


Illustrates what type of perspectives and how the culture will meet a challenge. If the mindset is very diverse in a team, communication will be challenging.

When there are differences in mindsets, information can get lost in communication, and the bigger the difference in mindsets, the more information and understanding is lost. Knowing the mindsets of your team enhances leadership effectiveness, people engagement and shared focus.

Culture codes

Comparing your culture to an aspired culture? You may choose any of the predefined culture codes OR designing your customized code?

Predefined – The 8 predefined culture codes in Culturengine consists of a cluster of values representing a typical culture. They are codes for Innovation, Learning, teaming, Customer Service, Integrity, Sustainability, Operation and Quality.

Customized – In addition to the predefined cultures, companies often prefer to design a customized code for their specific strategy or brand. Culture codes can then be used for stretch goals.

Culture gaps

Which values fuel your strategy, and which should be developed?

With indexes for the specifics for each type of culture code, the strengths and gaps can be identified, as a base for actions to reduce the gaps.