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Fremtidens kultur – hva blir viktig?

Av: Tone S. Ringstad – Grunnlegger og leder av Culturengine MIT definerer at business i fremtiden vil bygge mye mer på AI. Prognoser indikerer at i 2025 vil roboter, automatisering og maskinlæring erstatte sju prosent av amerikanske jobber. I Norge spekulerer vi i om så mye som halvparten av jobbene kan bli erstattet, men samtidig argumenteres [...]

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Hacking the Millennial Culture Code

Author:  Tone S. Ringstad, Founder and CEO of Culturengine In July 2019 we conducted the very first Student Culture Hackathon at BI, Norwegian School of Management in Oslo. We had a class of millennial students from the Master program at BI participating in the event, most of which were at the BI summer school. Their [...]

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It’s Not What You Know, It’s How You Think

Author: Zat Rana Understanding our pattern-seeking mind is the first step toward real wisdom Late historians Will and Ariel Durant spent four decades of their lives studying, compiling, and writing the history of Western civilization. The product of their efforts, The Complete Story of Civilization, went on to span several million words across more than 8,800 [...]

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Kultur for digital transformasjon

Tone S. Ringstad, Grunnlegger og daglig leder Culturengine AS I Finansavisen 15.7. fremstår kultur som vesentlig for å lykkes med digitale trensformasjon. World Economic Forum peker på økende press mot alle virksomheter i næringslivet for å håndtere den fjerde industrielle revolusjon der digital transformasjon er helt avgjørende. Der er hastighet, kompleksitet, diversitet og disrupsjon store [...]

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Do you find culture complicated?

Author: Tone S. Ringstad (Founder and CEO at Culturengine) Culture is not complicated, but it is complex. So in all complex matter, relevant data makes it easier to understand. A culture is defined as the sum of the values priorities in the team or organisation. That means that if we can identify the values [...]

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Default or designing culture?

Author: Tone S. Ringstad (Founder and CEO at Culturengine) Culture may be your biggest help or your worst nightmare. For business leaders, it introduces a great risk, as strategies and project implementation is unpredictable in time and cost. For each and every persons involved, there is a hurtful and frustrating process if the direction [...]

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Future Values

Author: Tone S. Ringstad (Founder and CEO at Culturengine) Modern business is slowly responding  the UN goals and every country and even company seem to have at least one goal linked to the UN scorecards. The challenges are nevertheless to put it all to act in a sustainable way, in creating an accountable culture for [...]

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Culture Hacking

Author: Tone S. Ringstad (Founder and CEO at Culturengine) Culture Hacking is increasingly drawing attention. In the  Gartner’s 2018 CIO Survey, 46% of respondents named culture as the biggest barrier to scaling digital transformation. In the same event, Culture Hacking was introduced as a way to nudge an organization to make small changes to cause big scale change. [...]

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