Our purpose is to make it easier for people in business to eliminate that gap and accelerate how strategy is being executed, leadership becomes more effective, innovation is supported and people in teams hereby feel engaged.

Our experience shows us that when leaders and employees become more aware of their and each other’s values good things start to happen, inside and outside of the organization. A deeper understand of values not only influences how people perform at work, but also how they relate, parent, build friendships, take responsibility and continue to learn.

CEO´s primary focus

54% of CEOs say driving culture change is harder than expectations

Employee engagement

50% of your staff don’t care (American Workplace, Gallup

Leaders´ cultural capabilities

70% of leaders say culture as key, only 30% act (KornFerry)

Mergers and acquisitions fail

70% of all mergers fail (McKinsey & Company)

Recruiting for culture

One bad hire cost more than $50,000 (2013 CareerBuilder survey)

Safety/ quality improvements

top 25% of teams vs. bottom 25% in any workplace have 50% fewer accidents
95% of millenials say culture is more important than salary (Bersin by Deliotte)