Culture strategy

To power culture you need a structured approach. A culture strategy is a guided journey through the complex field of cultural development, from where you are to where you want to be. It consists of four defined modules. Each phase is customized for each customer, based on business strategy, urgency, organizational status and resources.


Before embarking upon a cultural shift project, it is important to increase awareness of the cultural project and the impact it will have on the business. Why do we focus on culture? How is it linked to the strategy? How is it aligned with the goals? How is it anchored in the organizational needs?


What kind of culture do you really have today? This is surveyed and visualized with CULTURENGINE. Identifying the preferred mindset and high priority values of your culture will create a shared understanding of who you are as a company. Knowing, not hoping, the culture perspective enables effective cultural growth.


What kind of culture do you need in order to succeed with your strategy? In the market place, what are the opportunities and how can they be translated back to your cultural ambition? Having a best fit cultural roadmap will align actions and focus the leadership. The aspired culture is defined in CULTURENGINE, either as a one of our predefined culture codes, or as a tailor made code for a particular organization or group.


The gap between your existing culture and your cultural ambition visualized in CULTURENGINE will trigger actions.  How do you close the cultural gap? What impact does it have for leadership, HR strategy and people engagement? Assigning roles and responsibilities in building the new culture is fuelled by precise and coordinated personal assignments

Culture Hacking

Culture hacking is a facilitated process to execute and benefit from the culturengine survey.
The survey is prepared and sent out before a workshop. The group will do the survey at the same time, as part of the workshop. The digital platform enables instant reporting. You can present the survey after a break, or you can get back to them the next morning. The team gets an ownership to their actual culture in less that two hours.

Culture analytics

The platform is built for planning, managing and monitoring any culture. The digital dashboard makes it easy to compare data. In understanding culture, it is useful to see one person in alignment to the team, two teams compared to each other, leaders in alignment to their team or simply the whole organization in alignment to the communicated brand values. The visuals come in many combinations, depending on what you want to know, and can be specifically designed to meet a particular corporate cultural challenge.