– want to improve your capabilities in organizational culture?

If you are part of a great consultancy:

Business culture is highly relevant and increasingly present on the corporate agenda. That’s why your customers will seek efficient tools and methodologies to make well informed strategic choices. We invite you to utilize Culturengine as the foundation for development of your service portfolio related to strategy- and organization development.

If you are a culture ambassador in your organization:

Organizations on the leading edge have already started the journey to implement a strategy which include the culture dimension. Culturengine can be utilized internally in your own organization as a tool to create awareness, map actual- and develop aspired culture and finally to plan actions to close the gap. If you are involved in this, becoming a Certified Consultant would provide you with a state-of-the-art digital tool for culture transformation.

Team up with us!

Culturengine improves the precision of the work of management consultants, leaders, change agents, brand builders, teamleaders and HR teams who focus on culture change for improving organizations.

We offer:

  • Attend a two days Accreditation Workshop with the Culturengine crew to learn and manage the technology and framework of the platform. You will go through why, what and how a culture project is pitched, organized and delivered
  • Following the workshop, there will be continued learning in the Culturengine Community, a cross-functional group of certified consultants and HR experts who meet every quarter. This is where wecapture lessons learned, share challenges and successes and team up for creative troubleshooting. The Culturengine crew support the process with news and project details.
  • In your own projects, there may be challenges of many sorts. Culturengine has a support team to help you overcome the challenges and set your project back on track.We will always aim to support your projects.

Use the contact form, or send a short email to post@culturengine.noand let us know who you are and why this is on your agenda. We will book a 15 min video-meeting to discuss how your organization can become a Certified Culturengine Partner.