Insight for actual culture

Culture is defined as the sum of values priorities in a team or organization. These values drive actions, attitudes, behavior and decisions. The problem is that these values are mostly unconscious, and needs a systematic approach to be identified.

In our customized survey, each participant is going through a set of values dilemmas, to identify their prioritized values. For a team, the aggregated result shows the drivers in the culture. The individual result shows the driving value for a person.

The purpose is to visualize values and mindsets in a team or organisation, and be able to understand the current situation. We can visualize individuals to a team, or one teams to another or the culture of an entire organization. Based on the survey results, a variety of insights are made available, highlighting strengths and gaps which characterize the actual culture.

Individual survey

Culture Hacking – gathering and applying culture data for the whole organization before lunch?

Each individual completes the Culturengine survey from the comfort of their computer. The process takes about 20 minutes. Then, the results from just one individual or an entire team is automatically created into several different reports.


Top 10 values

What values impact your decisions. Your top 10 values report will tell you exactly that, the highest values you or the team culture has. That is the core of who you are together, and impacts your actions and fills the brand with content.



A mindset is a mental attitude or inclination and a person’s mindset determines how he or she approaches a task or challenge, and indeed, life itself. An individual’s mindset shapes perspective. A mindset is influenced by the individual’s values and how they are prioritised. Everyone has their own, unique mindset, which is shaped by their values. That means that the people in your organization have different mindsets.


Culture Codes

How does your actual culture compare to an aspired culture? With 8 different predefined culture codes you can identify the culture you align with the most, whether it is innovation, teaming, customer service or other.


Culture gaps

Which values fuel your strategy, and which should be developed? With indexes for the specifics for each type of culture code, the strengths and gaps can be identified, as a base for actions to reduce the gaps.