The three factors that make culturengine conceptually unique in its approach to help people to build culture intelligent companies, are through providing

  • A customized values based survey to gather precise information about what actually drives a company culture, a team culture or an individual´s culture impact
  • A unique database with culture data, a dashboard of demographics and attributes to enable agile analytics in segmenting, comparing and visializing cultures and subcultures
  • A culture learning lab with 100 values approaches for developing new culture content to eliminate culture gaps



We are passionate about helping leaders and teams to understand and transform their business culture. We actively seek new insights that will continue to bring value to the culture transformation process.



Finding the best solution and process for each customer


Providing data and transferring insight for knowledge creation


Working in trusting partnerships with all parties involved


Looking beyond each project to find new areas for culture to be of use


Tone S. Ringstad
CEO & Founder

+47 951 23 558


I am here to make sure that Culturengine is serving our partners and customers to build culture intelligence. My background in geophysics, leadership and change management has given me a foundation to build the company and expand our business to all relevant customers and markets.

Bjørn Ringstad
Chief Commercial Officer

+47 913 94 393


Having used an early version of Culturengine to develop a premium brand company, and seen the benefits for establishing a strategy aligned with the company culture and branding, I am thrilled to let others experience the benefits from a data-driven culture process.

Gina Lium
Chief Sales Officer

+47 900 36 161


Spending the last 4 years working at Gartner Group, I am convinced that a culture aligned to the business strategy is of great importance. Through my work I have discovered that culture is the main challenge for companies going through digital transformation. Creating insight and ownership is critical, let us show you how.

Ketan Parmar
Chief Technology Officer

Ketan Parmar is our CTO with a Ph.d  in Mobile Grid Computing. He is responsible for system quality and accountability and supporting our customer service and support from India. . He is constantly searching to find best solutions using emerging technology and has contributed on various blogs and sites. He is passionate about Java, Android, Grid Computing, User Interface and open-source software. Currently Exploring BlockChain (Hyperledger and Ethereum).

Surendra Thapaliya
Marketing Coordinator

Surendra Thapaliya hold Masters in Strategic Marketing Management from BI Norwegian Business School. He has the daily responsibility for maintaining our marketing programs, such as marketing automation, digital sales campaigns, CRM system, website and social media. He is also working closely with startups community in Oslo.