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Why culture?

The concept of business culture has never been more complex, yet critical to understand, and apply. Globalization, mergers & acquisitions, joint ventures, new technology and the need for innovation, all people dependent. It is beyond the need for further documentation that culture has a significant impact on performance.  It makes it essential that companies focus on identifying, aligning, and developing a relevant culture.

Culture is about who you are together, what you stand for as an organisation and your way of running the business. Significant yet undefined gaps between actual culture and aspired culture block innovation and alignment in many organizations. Eliminating the cultural gaps will increase the speed of implementation of strategy, support leadership development and change processes and increase growth and business performance.

Culture is driven by values, which have a deep impact on people by how they prioritize, behave and make decisions. That´s why culture has a deep impact on business performance and on all of us personally.

Metrics on culture

Individual survey

Values priorities


Culture Codes

Culture Gaps


Culturengine is an essential support to data driven decisions and action for processes as the ones shown below.


We are passionate about helping leaders and teams to understand and transform their business culture. We actively seek new insights that will continue to bring value to the culture transformation process.



Finding the best solution and process for each customer


Providing data and transferring insight for knowledge creation


Working in trusting partnerships with all parties involved


Looking beyond each project to find new areas for culture to be of use


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